Origin of the Name MAZARDEUS

The name MAZARDEUS originated from a simultaneous combination of ideas to express the individual in a number of ways. As the avatar and name suggests, it is mostly inspired by the middle name of a famous historical genius in music known as Wolfgang AMADEUS Mozart. Obviously, I am expressing Mozart in order to show my passion and love for very SPECIFIC music from film and video game soundtracks, orchestra, SPECIFIC music from SPECIFIC artists, and composers of anime.

MAZ, over time, has become a nickname in online communities. The name has proven difficult to pronounce for some, so a nickname became a convenient and easier way. The username must have MAZ on it from the start.

Let's just say MAZA is the closest representation of an epithet.

MAZAR is a reference to the term that rhymes with BAZAAR, which can be defined as a market in a Middle-Eastern country. This is personally done to identify the ethnic background of MAZARDEUS, as well as the word BAZAAR referenced in a market from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, one of my favorite games I have ever played.

Combined, the username is created as it is known today. The whole username is not only structured to match the middle name of Mozart, but I also wanted a name that almost looks like the word HAZARDOUS. I do not believe this is meant to mean anything in any way, but there are possibilities. HAZARDOUS is also the only corrected word used from automatic spell checks after MAZARDEUS is typed.

Positive Feedback

"my friend just told me she listens to this on repeat for 3 hours while painting once :p"


"I agreed with you on every point, I hate to say it but mostly all of the world is full of monkey brains that are so severely underdeveloped. They are asleep in the matrix, thinking hurts their brain. It is easier for them to go along with the crowd. Lemmings don't know how to use facts and logic, they can only spout popular opinions and contribute very little to the advancement of society."
 "Im sorry, i didn't read more then five posts in this column but your responses are golden. Just wanted to say that..."
"There's a lot more to the art of cinema than that in my eyes. But you can consider this debate won, you the victor. I found it a interesting experience talking to you and than rewatching the film. And I can't wait to hear a respectful reply from you. Even if it involves your way of 'correcting' me on the films ability. Great conversation Mazardeus."

"(audience golf claps)

I agree, I found you quite informative and giving credibility to your argument. I found no arrogance in you post either."


"I agree I judged you too fast, targeting you to a specific group agenda and I do sincerely apologize to my hasty judgmental thoughts , I still think that the Tv Show felt overall better for ME (but don't let my exclusive opinion anger you in any way) I personally think that your critical college viewpoint does clash vividly with my view on the technical execution and presentational stylistic-devices and how they are used and established within the scenes of the movie/ tv show, a equitable and valid agreement I thought would be to say the the tv show technicality with it's approachment to the characters and story-line was exceptional and impressive, however the movie delivered depth and deeper -meanings and underlying undertones beneath their respectable scenes with appropiately with a vast selection of camera angles utilized gave each scene even more depth in it's underlying meanings  gave a filled and satisfying response to their respective scenes.

I'm very sorry mazardeus about my heartfelt rampage against you! I respect your personal insight and perspective in how you focus on underlying meanings and your own personal inference I like how you focus on the subtle undertones and their effect, it's truly truly, textually exquisite to see ^ ^ you have enlightened me to a whole new way of thinking and I have YOU to thank that for! I also hope you can forgive me ^ ^, if we can, let's try to accept and cherish each other's own unique perspectives for their magnificence in the existence of reality. And forget this heated debate whether which is better or not, personal conflictions are bound to happen in this world as everyone is blessed with their own idiosyncratic fingerprint on this very earth. ^ ^ I don't want really don't want there to be bad blood between us if this drags on into a morphed hateful verbally-abusive skirmish, as dedicated fictional followers  :)"
"I admire you. Basically everyone is against you, and yet you clearly have the upper hand in these discussions. I have not seen many people who are capable of that. Hats off to you, my friend."

Feedback of Supporters toward the Enemies

"Sorry but I know your brain is turned off, your ego is in control,  and you hate facts monkey brains. M provided nothing but facts and everyone ignored them because monkey brains folk are nothing but opinionated followers. I live my life based  on facts, you people live on feelings and opinions."

"I don't care about anything but truth,knowledge, facts, and honesty, everything else is shallow. Relationships, material possessions, people's approval, career,  and man's ego which fuels him to have to feel superior at all times is worthless bullshit. Truth, knowledge, facts, and logic are priceless treasures I plan to take with me throughout life."